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You are about to enter my world of coaching and personal development.  My experience in coaching spans nearly three decades starting in the early 1990’s.  With an Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I have been a student of people and why they do things since graduating in 1978.  My journey into coaching started with the introduction of personality temperaments utilizing the Greek methods in the late 80’s.  I quickly changed my coaching once I learned about DISC.  While this coaching was primarily focused in areas of sales enhancement with business groups and individuals, I quickly started getting requests for help with different life and marriage issues.

In 1981, I was introduced to Zig Ziglar and became an immediate follower.  I loved his books, tapes and events.  I even had the opportunity to attend Mr. Ziglar’s Sunday School class at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano where I attended.  This became the foundation for much of my coaching going forward.  His most famous quote was, “You can have everything you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Today, I am a Licensed Ziglar Choose to Win Coach, focusing primarily on Executive Coaching.  In addition, I hold certifications in Life, Marriage, and Pre-Marriage Coaching.  My objective in all of these areas is to help clients identify their roadblocks and pain points, then develop solutions to get them to where they would like to be.

We live in a chaotic world right now.  It seems as though every time we turn around there is a new crisis and much of society has no clue how to deal with these changes.  That is where Stephen Reed Coaching comes in.  After much consideration and discussion, I have decided to share some of the wisdom which has been imparted to me over the years in the form of several courses.

My foundational course is Finding Emotional Freedom.  If we are not living health emotional lives, we will likely not achieve the success we desire.  Holding on to past hurts can impede our future in many ways.  The course Finding Emotional Freedom will help you identify and deal with those hurts so that you can function more effectively.

Additional courses to be offered in the future will be Becoming the Best You through the Ziglar Choose to Win system,  Understanding Your Personality Temperament Using DISC, You Have to Learn to SOAR, and Composition of a Dream.  There are more courses on the drawing board as well, all designed to help you become a better you, whether that means a better commuicator, speaker, spouse, boss or employee, you will learn something new with each course.

No matter which courses you go through, it is my hope and desire that you gain more value than the money you invest and that you will take away new or refreshed knowledge for the rest of your life.

My mission is pretty simple, that is to bring Light and hope so that you have a more victorious life.

Blessings on your journey of hope and grace.

Steve Reed

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